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    Chinese Brush Paintings and Ink Sketches

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    Hey, welcome to my little art portfolio. I'm Kevin, and I've been painting Chinese brush paintings since I was 10 (and recently began exploring watercolour and acrylic techniques as well). I guess you can say my specialty's still in Chinese brush painting since I keep coming back to the medium no matter how many spontaneous side adventures I have with other media. I think this style of painting has a unique niche in the art sphere, not only because it's deeply rooted in the culture of my Chinese heritage, but also because the techniques often require different ways of looking at space, detail, and composition, which I find fascinating.


    This site, originally created as a way to digitize and archive some paintings, showcases some of my significant works ever since I've taken on this style of art as a hobby. Some of my fondest memories in middle and high school included driving every Sunday to my teacher's art studio and simply painting away with nothing but supplies and my thoughts. Right now, I'm off in a faraway land getting myself some higher-level education, and unfortunately there are no supplies here, so I'll try my best to update this site with new paintings whenever I'm back home.


    Lastly, please enjoy and feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or would just like to chat!

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